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“Oosterhoff Group makes a qualitative contribution to the built environment”

Meet Oosterhoff Group

Oosterhoff Group is the parent company of consulting engineers ABT, ABT België, abtWassenaar, Adviesbureau Lüning, bbn adviseurs, HE adviseurs, Huygen Installatie Adviseurs, IBD and Meelis & Partners.. The companies in Oosterhoff Group share a common goal: making a qualitative contribution to the built environment, each within their own area of expertise.
ABT België
Adviesbureau Lüning
bbn adviseurs
HE adviseurs
Huygen Installatie Adviseurs
Sittard-Geleen / Utrecht
Meelis & Partners

What do we stand for?

Oosterhoff Group aims to make a qualitative contribution to the built environment. From the very beginning to the present day, this remains one of the primary motives driving the companies within the group. Oosterhoff Group ensures this contribution by prioritising the following core values:

Being an authority in our field

We continuously invest in our own knowledge and expertise to maintain our reputation as an authority in our field. It takes competence and creativity to consistently explore the limits of possibility, to push the envelope of feasibility as we do.

Integral approach to projects

An integral approach to projects minimises the need for interface management while also reducing waste and increasing client value. This approach is a guiding principle among the companies of Oosterhoff Group.

Entrepreneurship with heart and soul

Entrepreneurship is both widely propagated and woven into all layers of the organisations. The extremely flat organisational structure makes it possible to centre responsibility and ownership at the ground level of our companies.

Expectations for the future

Oosterhoff Group strives toward autonomous growth, in which quality is always valued over quantity. This conviction serves to reinforce our market position in the rapidly changing world of construction.